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imageThe two watchdogs are looking into whether Binance has allowed American investors to trade illegally, offering them tokens and securities that aren’t registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and encouraging users to use VPNs to bypass the U.S.’ ban on the app. Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service also launched a probe into the massive crypto exchange platform for suspected money laundering activity. The block from British regulators comes just a month after the U.S.

These numbers were fairly consistent across both global respondents and For those who have just about any queries about exactly where along with the way to utilize BNB, it is possible to e-mail us with the webpage. demographics such as age, gender and income. Brands need to do a better job at winning a consumer’s trust, with only 34% of consumers stating they trust most of the brands they use.

According to the Financial Times , the country’s Financial Conduct Authority has now banned the service from operating in Britain, BNB including both its parent company Binance Group as well as Binance Markets Limited. No precise explanation was given to the public regarding why Binance has been blocked, but the authorities cited an "imposition of requirements" keeping the platform from running. Binance has since explained that the block from the FCA shouldn’t have a direct effect on the operation of its main website and that Binance Markets Limited has "not yet launched" in the U.K.

53% of consumers believe that every brand has a responsibility to get involved in at least one social issue that does not directly impact the business Only 21% of consumers stated that they know from personal experience that the brands they use to keep the best interests of society in mind.

Statements and financial information on should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation to buy, crypto sell or hold. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. Please do your own research on all of your investments carefully. Read the full disclaimer here . Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The analysis / stats on are for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. We'll open source these formulas soon. Scores are based on common sense Formulas that we personally use to analyse crypto coins & tokens.

Binance’s vision is to increase the freedom of money globally and through the launch of Bifinity, btc and with these strategic partnerships with EQONEX, Paysafe and, we aim to accelerate mass crypto adoption."] "As the crypto and the Web3 economies continue to grow, we see greater demand to build improved fiat-to-crypto on- and off-ramps to bridge the gap between the traditional finance industry and the decentralized and centralized crypto economy.

Brands must do better at treating customers as individuals – real people with names, families, interests and so on. We hear about the importance of delivering better customer experiences, getting to know your customers’ wants, needs and demographic information and delivering better personalization.

Corporate responsibility is especially important among younger generations. A recent Nielsen study reports that 85% of Millennials say it is extremely or crypto very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment, and 75% say they definitely or probably would change their purchase habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

The study found that the key to creating trust is to simply to do what customers expect of you. Make their experience of interacting with your business easy and seamless, respond to queries swiftly with accurate information, and do what you say you’re going to do. In a study by Eptica Digital Trust, 9 out of 10 consumers will change supplier if they lose trust in a company – nearly half of them immediately.

The good news is that when brands are able to gain a customer’s trust, the benefits are huge. Consumers will turn to the brand first when making a purchase decision, are more loyal to the brand, will advocate and also defend the brand’s reputation when necessary.

This may be developing social and community programs for the greater good or simply taking the extra time to go above and beyond and thoroughly solve a customer service inquiry. These are all major factors in building consumer trust. But true connections are created when customers are humanized, and brands can then deliver other highly relevant experiences that touch on the human factor.

However, good rating and reviews, being treated fairly, and quickly addressing customer service concerns ranked highly. These can all be attributed to delivering a good customer experience. The top reason consumers stated for trusting a brand is good quality products and services.

In research by RetailMeNot, 66% of consumers 18+ believe that brands should take a pubic stand on important social values and 61% would recommend a brand to their friends that aligns with their social values.

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